Thank you for using our services. With over 30 years of experience packing high end collectibles, we are your gallery’s authorized and preferred shipper. We use double walled boxes, foam and sturdy hexacomb material on all items. Everything is packed with care and to the highest standard.

Due to the demand  we ask for your patience as each order is carefully packed. Please refer to this page as we process your items.

When your order is shipped you will receive an email from our IShip system. Check your spam filter if you didn’t receive it. An email will be sent a few minutes after with your credit card receipt.

The average time to ship an item is 4-5 business days and on larger items 7-14 days when crates need to be made.

Updated 5-25  3:00 PM


Shipped, look for your tracking email:

Ulrich  Kane  Rhoades  Kyner  Orenstein Sluka  Burns  Malik    Van Meter

Maciejewski  Spielman  Palmer  Creasman  Davis  Keyzer  Gustafson  Heil  Hardin

Luneau  Kane  Huhn  Nixon  Sadowski  Sonoc  Champy  Wilson

Gardella  Michaelis  Catania


Ready to ship:

Kean  Lowe  Petersma  Arcot  Pessah  Pereles  Derrien  Meshcheriakov

Bombara  Smith


Picked up and in line to be packed, large projects:

DeLaLuz   Beamish


Picked up and in line to be packed,

Mccalmon    Anderson   Catalfang  Pereles  Stern

Hawk  Hukton  Bombara  Austin  Lowe   Derrien  Stern

Stark  Blanchon  Urbanski  Schenk  3 Cranes  Derrien

Meshcherlakov Cetti  Krantz  Nikolic  Van Meter  Friedman

Parks  Alter  Taylor  Yunis  Gibbi